ShapeOko Story (V)

Ispirati dal lavoro di DrRob, abbiamo sostituito il sistema di fissaggio delle cinghie fornito con giunti angolari a T e piastrine di giunzione.
Inspired by DrRob’s suggestions, we removed the standard belt anchors and used T-shaped angle joints plus plate junctions instead.

Dopo qualche messa a punto, abbiamo montato un trapano con punta da incisione e abbiamo lanciato il file “Hello World ShapeOko” per incidere una tavoletta di legno.
After a few adjustments, we mounted a drill with an engraving tip and run the “Hello World ShapeOko” file in order to engrave a wooden board.

Our ShapeOko’s First Engraving from HackLab Terni on Vimeo.

One thought on “ShapeOko Story (V)

  1. HAK5 Pineapple on the cheap!Thanks for highlighting this dcviee; I’m definately going to get a few.The only difference between this and the Pi is the HDMI or composite output; I was hoping to make a uPnP client display with something like a Pi and have all the noisy NAS gubbins elsewhere. Any ideas on dcviees available for this?Many thanksKeith

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